Sunday 17 May 2015. North High Cross in Rain: Are We Having Fun Yet?

It was 66 degrees F at 5:50 am, the sky overcast and the air humid as I headed on Discovery II toward High Cross Road via Main Street. Noticed at Main just east of Vine that though “business green” was all around, there still were a couple of trees clothed in white flowers: black locust.

Stopped for a photo there, and it smelled something like Fritos corn chips rather than flowers. It was a smell of “civilization” rather than of nature.

Though did see a few people out and about this morning, overall it was very quiet, and in more of “silent treatment” way than in the usual open, peaceful solitude. Guess it could have been the atmospheric pressure, the calm before the storm, or at least the rain, but “joy” was not the word I would have picked to describe my dominant emotion just then.

Thought as I pedaled eastward through the “mixed-residential” neighborhood with the houses in various states of repair and grooming, about the invisible people inside and all their various conflicts and struggles and prayed for every one of them (not omitting myself) to be free from suffering.

Stopped for a photo of the little grove of oak trees across from the Dart plastic factory.

Then just rode and rode, past the old (unplanted this year, it seemed), corn field where I’d spotted a fox and maybe an owl earlier thus year), past Weaver Park, and didn’t stop till I was on the north side of the I-74 bridge. Looked at the spot where I’d followed the fate of a road-killed possum, but the bones were obscured by dense sweet clover and new-looking trash.

As I rode northward, a fine rain began to fall. Was suspicious of the “stillness” of the air, which probably meant a headwind on the way back.

Stopped at the side of Brownfield Woods to get a shot of the great waterleaf, (Hydrophyllum appendiculatum)

which was quite abundant and almost the only thing visible in bloom. Was disappointed that I’d missed the blue phlox bloom at Brownfield this year.

Passed the house with the dog near Oaks Rd. The dog ran toward me and barked but did not come out and follow me. Hooray! Having broken the dog barrier, went on.

Noticed how quickly the corn plants were turning the landscape from brown/ grey to green.

The rain came down a little more heavily. Rode just past where the road swerved at county Highway 20 (about 9 miles from home), and as soon as I turned, the rain came down more heavily and the south wind blew. Work!

Wondered whether I was enjoying the ride at that moment.

But just had to keep pedaling forward and weather it, as with other challenges in my life now.

Later, safe and warm indoors with a cup of good black coffee and this blog, decided that the ride actually had been enjoyable, in retrospect. Funny how you don’t always know at the time.


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