Saturday 16 May 2015. First Spiderwort; Almost to Philo

At 5:52 this morning it was 66 degrees F, the sky almost uniformly cloudy. But so far no rain.

Heading south on Race Street on Discovery II, toward Meadowbrook Park, could smell a whiff of sweet woodruff. More subtle than lilac, which is past its bloom, soft yet clear and distinctive.

Stopped to photograph a gorgeous lupine in a nice garden.
Also stopped at “my” post-bloom apple tree and, amazingly, did find that dried-up straggler apple from last year.
Before getting to Windsor Road noticed there were mushrooms growing on the turf grass on the side of the Orchard Downs apartments.
Inevitable, with all the rain and warm weather we’ve been having. Across Windsor, almost to Meadowbrook, there were more.
Wondered whether there would be morels in the neighborhood this year. You never know with mushrooms.

Then at Meadowbrook, went ahead and took another shot of McCullough (and Davis) creeks just before sunrise.
The prairie certainly was becoming green, but so far saw no spiderwort. The appearance of garden irises in the neighborhood made me wonder whether the blue flag iris at Meadowbrook might be up or up soon. Stopped to look at the place where I’ve seen them in years past.
Saw foliage that looked like it could give rise to iris blooms.

Noticed the blackberries were starting to bloom.
And then spotted my first Meadowbrook spiderwort (Tradescantia ohiensis) of the year!
Spiderwort actually can be weedy and grow in unlikely places (e.g., in cracks in the sidewalk!), but it is native, it heralds the prairie spring, has a monocot’s elegant lines, and is such a gorgeous blue. So I love it and take of it endless photos, trying to capture and share its glory. Vive la fleur!

Then it was time to ride!

Rode east along Windsor Road to Philo Road. Was glad that Philo Road going south was open, that the construction was only at the Windsor/Philo intersection.

The ride southward required some exertion as the wind was coming from the south as well as the incline of the road seeming to be largely uphill. Did anticipate the ease of returning.

Passed a low spot with cattails where frogs sang.

Rode to Yankee Ridge at Old Church

then turned south again on Yankee Ridge Road. Noticed that the corn plants were considerably larger than the ones I saw last week.

Saw a train in the distance, but the whole thing passed before I got close enough for a decent shot. It was farther away than I thought.

Light rain fell.

Rode south until the trip odometer read 10 miles (just a little south of the train tracks, where the Philo water tower was visible directly to the east, and turned back.

Yes, the return trip was pleasant and easy, going mostly downhill and with a tailwind. Ah!

Back close to home were some gorgeous peonies in different colors.

A world with spiderwort, tailwinds, and
multicolored peonies can’t be all bad.


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