Tuesday 12 May 2015. Shooting Stars, other flowers, and a Visit with Deer

At 1:45 this afternoon it was 63 degrees F and partly cloudy, the clouds big and fluffy.

Made a very express trip to Meadowbrook Park to see what the shooting stars might be doing.
On my way to the interior of the prairie stopped at the little wooden bridge over a babbling part of McCullough Creek.

At the place where the prairie path turned east, saw a rather large white-tailed deer.

and then saw three more, one of which came straight toward me, like it wanted to ask me a question, before turning into the trees and undergrowth on the edge of the prairie.

Awfully bold, it seemed.

On the way to find the shooting stars saw spikes of a flower I’d seen at the Barnhart prairie restoration (wild hyacinth, Camassia scilloides) but not before at Meadowbrook.

Looked for the shooting stars but they were not, even with time to mature, prominent like I remembered them from trips to Meadowbrook when my now 17 year-old was in first grade. Eventually found a pink one on the north side of the path,

and some white ones on the south side.

They looked stunted and actually rather unwell.

But at least got to see how they showed up this year.

Got a photo of the clouds over the mid-May prairie, rapidly turning green and rising up with flowers, puny shooting stars notwithstanding.

Then zoomed back home for important afternoon events.


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