Monday 11 May 2015. Light Rain at Dawn

At 5:25 this morning it was 64 degrees F and raining lightly.

Headed out to Meadowbrook Park to see if there might be any spiderwort in bloom; noticed some in gardens around the neighborhood.

Yesterday was the best mothers day ever! Oh, the wonders of maturity! Carried that thought with me as I quickly rounded the big loop around the Meadowbrook prairie.

Rode in the low light and didn’t stop till a little way past the rabbit-statue bridge, where the light was coming up but the disc of the sun had not quite broken the horizon.

Almost ran into a deer right before the
little arched bridge over Davis Creek.

Stopped at the Freyfogel overlook to get a view of the early May prairie in the soft rain.

There may have been spiderwort in bloom, but it was too dark to tell for sure.

It was a brief ride. More to feel than to see.


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