Sunday 3 May 2015. Some Miles to the West

The robins were up and tweeting madly at 4:30 this morning, but I didn’t make it out of the house until 6:05. Just tired and slow. It was 61 degrees F and partly cloudy, especially near the eastern horizon, where the rising sun was obscured.

Was ready for a longish ride to the west on Discovery II, on which I’d just installed a new wireless odometer, though when I first set out it wasn’t working. Felt confident and patient that it sooner or later it would.

Rode south first and stopped at “my” apple tree, which was starting to shed petals but still was fully abloom. The very shriveled former apple was, so far, still attached.

A little farther down the street was a pink dogwood that I usually pass by it today stopped to observe and photograph.

Rode to Windsor Road and turned west and stopped at the City of Champaign Prairie Restoration and got a photo of an old bird nest I remembered from last fall.

While stopped checked and adjusted the position of the odometer components, and lo and behold it worked!

Rode west on Windsor without stopping much. It was good just to ride.

Was happy to see the new bridge with bike lanes over Interstate 57.

Passed the Champaign “Bark” District’s dog park, which is next to a sewage treatment plant, which smelled very much like, well, sewage, without vanilla or whatever they sometimes use to try to mask it. Wondered if the dogs liked the fragrance.

Crossed a creek where there was a little sandpiper of some kind walking along the shore, but didn’t get a photo. Across the creek was a housing development with a park-like area and a red metal sculpture.


Got as far as county road 700 E, where there finally were no suburban-type housing developments, and turned around.

On the way back, my knee was starting to complain, alas. Have to work on remedying that.

Noticed while passing the out-in-the-boondocks YMCA that there were lots of people, including rather young children, positioned on the baseball field. Was amazed to see them all awake and outside; in the vast majority of my morning travels I see very few people.

Then closer to home saw that the soccer fields on Florida Avenue also were full of people.

If there is a reason on which they agree, I guess people will gather outside, even on a Sunday morning.

Rode, according to the odometer (not 100 percent sure it’s quite calibrated) and correcting for the stretch before it started working, about 15 miles. Now just have to get out earlier to go a little farther.


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