Friday 1 May 2015. Meadowbrook at First Light

This morning at 5:10 it was 36 degrees F (brrr!), the sky clear as I departed on Discovery II for today’s ride. Finally am catching up with the earlier light!

Rode the usual route to Meadowbrook Park, wrapped with mittens and fleece hood against the cold and felt entirely comfortable, the robins and cardinals singing “madly” above and around me. There would be few expectations and few photos this morning as it was still pretty dark. Mostly it was good just to ride.

Not far into Meadowbrook, across from the U of I forestry plantation, thought I could hear an owl. But when I stopped to listen the sound stopped.

Along the path, the flowering trees were just past their maximum bloom but still full and gorgeous, if not yet so visible to the camera.

Rode right over the rabbit-statue bridge and went on, watching the glowing horizon, then noticed two deer standing so close it looked in the dim light almost like they shared a head.

At the Freyfogel overlook, the light was up enough to see the frost on last years flattened prairie plants.

After making the big loop around the prairie turned back into the “small loop” and noticed that the part of the prairie that had been burned was quite green already.

The sun still was not quite over the horizon when I headed back. It was not an especially visual trip, but still it was so good to greet the early morning.


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