Saturday 18 April (Day 18, 30 Days of Biking) 2015. Straight Out Race Street

At 6 this morning it was 55 degrees F and partly cloudy. Robin soloists had been performing since 4:30, at least, and the dawn chorus was well underway by 5:30. The white-throated sparrows were in great form, including one who repeated the first notes of the New World Largo theme several times. Also one seemed to improvise a bit at the end of its song.

Today’s destination was due south on Race Street, wanted to see how far I could get before I had to turn back and make it to work on time.

Stopped not far along to get a shot of the disintegrating but still attached lone former-apple among all the sudden leaves and flower buds.

Wonder if it still will be there when this year’s apples appear.

Just north of Windsor Road looked up and saw a large (red-tailed) hawk perched above me on a street light.

Noticed different smells: fallen pink magnolia petals, daffodils, a bit of skunk, strong Viburnum. Spring warmth liberates fragrances.

Rode along the edge of Meadowbrook Park, and was pulled in once again by the sight of the “wonky Christmas tree.” Today liked best the angle where it seemed to be going into a yoga pose.

But also liked the “speed skater” angle.

Just a bit down the path saw three deer (one large and two small) running–don’t know if I cut off their path and they freaked or if they were just frolicking, or fleeing, for their own reasons.

Stopped at the rabbit-statue bridge over McCullough Creek to get a photo of the light coming behind it.

Especially liked the reflection in the water.

Then made the “Texas exit” back to Race Street and caught the sunrise before Curtis Road.

Was surprised along the way this morning to see people standing outside of buildings, hear voices, to see someone in a car parked on the roadside and then a large parked truck that delivered some agricultural product. Really was not used to so much human activity on a bike ride, especially at sunrise. Had a small pang of fear that it could mean danger. But then it turned out to be fine, at least for me.

Funny how it almost seems like all the farms and houses are uninhabited props in the scenery when one sees it repeatedly early in the morning.

Logged 12 miles for the round trip, and it mostly felt good–knee and hip just starting to complain, and of course, the cranky shoulder. Hoping it’s a matter of bike fit; really want to get a good bike and stretch the rides longer. But one way or another, will continue biking, observing, and posting through the advancing season.


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