Friday 10 April (Day 10, 30 Days of Biking) 2015. Obstacles and What to Do About Them

It was 43 degrees this morning at 6:15 and mostly cloudy.

Missed my usual morning swim (note to self: always have a clear safety circle when practicing Sirsasana, especialy early in the morning, especially when doing a variation using a block) but was able to get in a bike ride. Rode east on Washington Street, as the pink magnolias were just starting their brief but glorious bloom.

Hadn’t ridden Washington Street for a while and enjoyed the smooth surface.

Was happy to make a quick stop at Weaver Park, though it always involves crossing a non-path area. For whatever reasons, Weaver is not an especially accessible park. But got to hear frogs–not bullfrogs, for sure, but didn’t know which they were. Also there were wary ducks (too far away to identify) and just a few geese. Noticed that the prairie surrounding the pond (once a buffalo-wallow, I’m told) had recently been burned.

Was a little dismayed to see that Washington east of High Cross Road still was closed, as it had been since last summer.

At least it was possible to climb the ledge where the road ended and where it began again.

Noticed that there was a layer of brick in the old road.

On the way back was smacked with quite a head-wind. Less observing was possible, just paced myself and mostly enjoyed the exertion.


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