Sunday 29 March 2015. All the Way to To Yankee Ridge

It was 28 degrees at 6:45 this morning, the sky mostly clear and a mostly steady (but not exactly warm) wind blowing from the south.

Wore the long down coat, the slightly awkward mounting of Davy’s Grey notwithstanding. It was the right decision.

After a short yoga practice (slowly learning to tease apart the benefits from the dangers of the bent-knee standing poses–a good thing for cycling) this morning to ride to Yankee Ridge at Old Church Road.

Noted the continued presence of the lone one-time apple on “my” tree but did not stop to photograph it.

Rode to Windsor Road and turned east.
Did not stop until I got to the prairie area inside the “small loop,” which recently had been burned.

It smelled very strongly of smoke and looked so flat, with a few small shrubby trees punctuating the expanse of charred plants, which now also had a coat of frost.


Rode up the Windsor/Vine bridge and got a shot of alders, full of drapey catkins and old fruits.

Rode on Windsor to Philo Road and south, into the wind and uphill. Some resistance! Nevertheless it was lovely to be out in the sun, on the road! Once again thought of exertion and difficulty not having to be disturbing. But did not stop for a lot of pictures.

Maintained the mostly pleasant effort but noticed it was a longer ride (I know, it’s not that far) than I’ve gotten used to. Did look forward to the way back and the tailwind.

At the corner of Philo and Old Church got a shot to the west. Noticed the Barnhart prairie restoration had recently been burned.

Rode just to the crest of Yankee Ridge and got a view of the land below,

but the sun was up to high go get a decent photo.

The way back was much easier and quite enjoyable for the combination of the tailwind and the road being downhill. So did stop this time to get a shot of the private orchard on Philo Road, with its still-bare and quite trimmed (unlike the one in Race Street) branches.

Was eager to come back to Yankee Ridge and beyond!.


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