Saturday 21 March 2015. A Spin to Meadowbrook on a Loaner Bike

At 7:18 this morning it was 37 degrees F and clear except for some light fog close to the ground.

Headed out toward Meadowbrook Park after yoga practice–preparation for this afternoon’s class. Today wanted not to forget to convey the idea of Santosha to my students. There is so much to learn in Iyengar (the method I know) yoga, it can seem impossible ever to “get it right.” Yes, there can always be improvement, refinement (divine discontent!), but after each sincere effort, a little time of grateful satisfaction is, I believe, appropriate.

Today’s bike (literally, le velo du jour) was a loaner from the shop where Rhododendron’s brakes were being fixed. It was a rebuild of an aluninum-framed Trek mountain bike, with smooth, medium-width tires and shock absorbers. It was nothing to look at, the frame in shades of grey, tan and green, roughy a camo effect. If I had to give it a name it would be Davy’s Grey. But it seemed to fit well, and it rode smoothly. Am planning to get a new bike(!) this summer. Always liked the idea of a Bianchi, but maybe Trek will have what I need.

So off on Race Street we rode, but not without checking “my” apple tree for its last desiccated remainder of fruit.

Which still was there, illuminated nicely by the climbing sunlight.

At Meadowbrook, the low rays of sunlight caught the edges of frosted grass just north of the rabbit-statue bridge and lit up the ground.

McCullough and Davis creeks were still well-full of water.

At the south end of the bridge, noticed some thin but woody stems of a noticeable shade of green, among a fair number of red stems. It seemed like growth was starting to happen.

Around the corner of the path heard lots of red-winged blackbirds and also a song sparrow. The birds were engaged full-on in bird life.

Got a shot of the sun coming up over the misty prairie.

Would like to have gone on around the big loop of the prairie, but had to turn back, after catching this bit of green moss and tiny plants.

Not exactly full-grown prairie vegetation, but it’s a beginning.

Did like the feel of “Davy’s Grey“, especially I think the higher, wider (than Rhododendron’s), handlebars were kinder to my shoulders. In any event, as the days grow longer am looking forward to more and longer rides on well-fitting bikes!


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