Sunday 1 March 2015. Snow-Grounded Again

This morning at 6:25 it was 23 degrees F and snowing. The tall piles on the railing of our mini-balcony suggested an accumulation of several inches, and that a bike ride this morning was not likely.

So did not expect to get far. But was not about to miss the loveliness of the snow! At the very least I could go out and shovel.

And when I did, was met with even more snow than anticipated. Even getting from the door to the front sidewalk was a project.

But at least the snow was fairly light and not trodden, so it was reasonably easy to shovel. The hard part was clearing wider paved areas; had to carry each shovel-full a little ways away rather than just dump it to one side.

But the task was pleasant! Enjoyed the digging, especially as the snow still was coming down rather heavily, freshly, beautifully.

While I dug, entertained various possibilities of how to go out and experience this snowy morning. Cycling was out.

Considered driving to Meadowbrook, but couldn’t see fighting the snow to get there. Even walking through the neighborhood seemed daunting if it meant slogging through deep (I’d say it was a good 8-10 inches) snow.

But then a plow came by and there was a path!

So off I went, into the snow that made my residential block look like the woods!

Loved how the blanket of snow turned
the most un-natural human structures into another part of nature.

Could tell from the whimsical stacks of snow on the smallest horizontal surfaces

that the air had been calm during the snow-fall. It still was calm. I savored it, confident of bike rides in other days.


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