Sunday 22 February 2015. A Careful Ride to the Little Prairie

This morning at 6:47 it was about 20 degrees F, the sky with a wide but relatively thin layer of broken cloud.

Yesterday’s blanket of snow had been quickly plowed from the major streets, but many side streets (like the one in front if our house) remained untouched by the plow until quite late in the day, during which interval the normal traffic packed the day-warmed snow down and the later, colder temperatures solidified the slick-surfaced layer of snow-ice. When the plows did come, they mostly pushed over the ice, accomplishing little in the way of clearing the street.

Nevertheless, the conditions were at least, unlike yesterday, passable.

So walked Discovery (my old hybrid bike which, unlike Rhododendron, had good brakes) to the driveway and and got on, pedaling carefully over the ice and among the tire-ruts.

Race street was fairly clear; stopped to get a shot of “my” apple tree with its one remaining clinging mummified apple, and snow.

Thought about going to Meadowbrook but wasn’t sure I wanted to risk having to cross ice mounds, so just rode as far as the mini-prairie on Florida and Orchard to scope out its winter condition.

There were dry stalks, curled brown leaves, many of the seed heads still with white fluff to eventually bear the seeds away in the breeze. Thought these mature thimble weed (I believe) tops went well with the snow.

Also saw the dry remains of (probably) iron weed flowers

and of and rosinweed and perhaps of tall Coreopsis.

It was another abbreviated trip, but a trip, yes?

Noticed it was kind of nice to view the scenery on Discovery from the upright position (as opposed to the low forward-leaning position for Rhododendron, the 10-speed road bike), but it was harder to take the “hills” than it was on Rhododendron. And feeling a little wobble in its wheels made me appreciate the sturdy craftsmanship of the vintage Schwinn. Trade-offs are everywhere.


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