Saturday 21 February 2015. The Limit, and Beyond

At 6:30 this morning, it was about 20 degrees F, the ground covered with several inches of snow. For some reason I thought it might be possible
to take my old hybrid bike out for a ride, but the streets were not yet plowed; neither had there been enough traffic to flatten the snow enough to pass on top of it. Very quickly it became apparent that the snow was impassible. My next door neighbor was digging her car out, and we both laughed as I conceded and labored to return Discovery to the back yard. It was quite an effort!

Once again, I refused to be kept away from the outside world for lack of a functioning bike, so just walked to my Saturday morning activities.

Stopped for a shot of the courthouse tower and surroundings with snow.

Later, saw a lot of American robins (anticipating spring?) ahead of me, in the plowed but partly re-covered street, looking for–what? Was pretty sure it wasn’t worms. Then they flew off and left their little footprints in the snow.

All around, the light (cold-fallen and still coming down) snow was at its freshest and most beautiful, especially the way it filled the spaces among the evergreen needles.

It was hard to get a shot of the winter scene that was nearly as beautiful as it was to see directly. But I was there!


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