Sunday 15 February 2015. Very Cold; No Bike

It was 3 degrees F and party cloudy this morning when I got out the door at 7 (7!?! Where did the time go? I think it was sucked up by all the activity–just the usual stuff– in my head. You wouldn’t think time could be consumed this way, but there it was….

Before I was close to ready to go, noticed through the window that the sky was gorgeous with fluffs of pink-tinged clouds and hints of blue sky between them. Color! Color in February! And I was still inside!?! Tried hard to stay with the idea that I did witness it, even through a window.

Wrapped up in all the warm clothes I love and don’t get to wear except when the weather does this, and then remembered the brakes on Rhododendron were just not safe (rear not working at all and front sort of ok for slowing down but not for stopping) I needed to adjust them in the bitter cold. And it might have been easy enough if the tools were more precise or the nut holding the brake cable wasn’t quite so tight…. But gave up after some extended frustration, put the bike and tools in the garage and got in the car to head for Meadowbrook Park. One way or another I was going to be outside to experience the weather!

Drove then to the Race Street parking lot and made sure the hand warmers were tucked into the doubled mittens.

Made me laugh that the first image to get my attention at Meadowbrook was the “wonky Christmas tree.”

It’s very much not a wonder of nature but fascinating nevertheless.

Walked to the bridge to see newly formed “black” ice on McCullough (and Davis) creek.

Heard very distinctly a woodpecker very close. Took a little while to locate it.

Alas, you probably can’t see it, but trust me, it was there. And it was not disturbed by my staring up at it. The woodpecker was deliberate and persistent in its work. Or play, or whatever was the point of its resonant pecking.

My hands got cold REALLY fast with mittens off to take even a few photos. They warmed again after a while, with the help of the hand warmers. Wondered what it would have been like on a bike!


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