Sunday 1 February 2015. A Very Careful Snow Ride

At 7:10 this morning, it was 34 degrees F (half an hour later it was 32) and beginning to snow again after a short break.20150201-074428.jpg It was better than thick, bumpy re-frozen ice, but yes, the partly slushy and now accumulating snow did present a hazard to cycling. Still, the morning was full of irresistible beauty and adventure…. Once you address the safety issues (e.g., by riding early Sunday morning on streets with no traffic and never, ever taking your mind away from the task of balancing and going forward) you can experience the enfolding whiteness and also sharpen winter-biking skills, as well practice confronting fear. (Though the quaint, to American ears, British expression “daft” kept popping into my head.) So off Rhododendron and I ever so carefully went to Carle Park–not far away and not requiring being near any busy streets.

Carle Park was picturesque with snow, 20150203-140352.jpg even if the light was not exactly optimal for capturing it. Liked the grouping of walnut, sycamore, and still-leafed red oak. (Actually, the sign I later noticed nailed to its trunk identified it as a black oak.)
20150203-135413.jpg The red-brown of the curled, clinging oak leaves was a welcome bit of color. 20150203-135740.jpg Noticed squirrels bounding across the snow and stopping to dig down under it. Noticed one nestled in the lower branches of a shrub.
Carle Squirrel Close 1 Feb 15
Used the real camera for this one. Love that zoom.

The snow was wet and sticky. Liked how it clung to all the little twigs and contrasted with the dark trunks.

Got as far as Lincoln Avenue then turned back. Got another shot of snowy Carle Park on the way home.
20150203-135849.jpg When I got home, took a picture of my returning bike tracks next to the out-going ones,
a nice record of the expedition.


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