Sunday 18 January 2015. Lightly Passing the Edge of Meadowbrook.

Today at 7:30 am it was, like yesterday, 34 degrees F. The sky was even clearer than yesterday, and the less assertive but still noticeable breeze seemed to shift from north to south to west.

Got a reasonable start this morning and had a relaxed but focused yoga practice (yes!) Twists cure a thousand ills!
Destination again was Meadowbrook Park (it was so lovely and inviting yesterday!). On the way, stopped on Race Street for a shot of a building in the process of being demolished.

Not sure why they left this part standing.

Stopped for a shot of “my” apple tree, without a single dried rotten apple, but with buds!

Rode on to Meadowbrook, but today resolved to make it to Philo Road (Cafe Zojo) and to look across the small loop of prairie from the path along Windsor Road. Somehow that stretch has ended up as my least favorite, or maybe just most neglected, segment of my trips to Meadowbrook. Usually it’s toward the end of the ride, where my hands get cold, and/or where I realize I’m out of time and have to get back. Also, it’s getting harder to frame the photo without including part of Clark-Lindsay Villlage.

But today decided to stop here to look at the various winter remains of the prairie plants.

The unblocked sun glared strongly over the southeastern horizon and made it hard to get a wide shot. So turned to the west a bit and caught some dry but standing tall Coreopsis stalks, with a stalk of shiny Baptisia pods in the background.


Also got a photo of purple coneflower seed heads.

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