Sunday 28 December 2014. Winter Trees and Water

It was 27 degrees F this morning at 7:25, the sky with plenty of clouds but at least not uniformly grey.

Had a great, relatively lengthy yoga practice this morning, e.g., figuring out some good ways to observe the exact position of the knees in bent-leg standing poses. Even so, the time went quickly and there was more that would have to wait for a future practice. Hoped I could encourage my students to practice in whatever time they had and not get discouraged by time limits.

Headed to Meadowbrook Park, well-wrapped against the cold.

Was thinking that Race street this far south had not been made smooth with a layer of asphalt like elsewhere
In Urbana, and sure enough, there still were potholes, this one with fingers of ice crystals.
At Meadowbrook, really did not intend to get another shot of the “wonky Christmas tree,” but a really different view of it seized my attention. Looked a little like a speed skater coming head on.
Noticed another tree more typically seen as quite erect in a bending pose: bald cypress.
Don’t really understand the urge to make (by selective breeding, I guess) an upright tree look floppy.

Stopped at the rabbit-statue bridge over McCullough Creek in the customary spot to see the relatively high water. 20150108-113249.jpg
The water in Davis Creek, at least, was moving.
Got a shot of the trees (walnut, I think, on the left and locust on the right) on either side of the south end of the bridge, which looked so tall and curving in their bare branches. It’s the time of year when the structure of the trees is visible and beautiful, when leaves, nice as they were and will be, seem like they’d only serve to obscure this beauty.

Around the corner and eastward around the big loop noticed that there had been clearing of brushy growth between the path and long-hidden Davis Creek, so walked to creek-side where it kinked slightly.
Winter is a good time to get close to streams.

Crossed over McCullough Creek at the Windsor/Vine bridge but first stopped to get a shot of the twisting pods hanging (like ornaments!) from the locust (honey locust, I’m guessing) tree.

Then quickly back.


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