Saturday 27 December 2014. Post-Christmas Visit to Japan House Garden

This morning at 7:15 it was 46 degrees F and, yes, cloudy.

Yoga practice today focused on introducing standing poses to older beginners in a fun, non-intimidating way.

So again it would be a short ride. So it goes, any amount!

Actually, I confess there is getting to be rather a lag here between the ride and the post, so the text may be a little sparse….

Pond to the left, path to the right, two little trees in between.


The stone sculpture (don’t know what the shape is called, please forgive my ignorance) on a pedestal in front of the pond told of stability and balance, as well as resting fluidity.

In the Japan House garden are plenty of evergreens, which suggest Christmas, if you grew up with that association (“Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree!). It was nice to find a setting in which to linger in a seasonal mood.

On the way back stopped to look up at the mostly bare sweet gum (Liquidambar styraciflua, now there’s a poetic name) trees along Lincoln Avenue.

The dry star-like fruits still clinging to the branches looked very ornamental. (Couldn’t think what the ornamental units were called so Googled “sweet gum trees” and came up with. Came up with “fruit”–of course–in an article that touted their medicinal properties, or “sweet gum balls,” in one that was positively hostile about how unsightly and dangerous they were. Also noticed one could but them online for $4.50 a dozen. Never realized how controversial they were.

Anyway, they looked seasonal to me and part of the pleasantly lingering mood.


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