Saturday 20 December 2014. Frosty, Fleeting Meadowbrook Ride

It was 25 degrees F at 7:30 this morning, with some pale blue sky between sheets of cloud, at least not the solid mass of grey that the sky has been for days on end, up until yesterday.

Today’s velo was kind of cheating: drove the minivan with Rhododendron packed inside to Meadowbrook Park (at last!!) and rode once around the big loop of the prairie. It was a little odd to drive rather than bike the familiar route to
Meadowbrook; visually it was similar, but missed the tactile, olfactory, and auditory aspects.

Once there, was drawn again to the “wonky Christmas tree.”

Here it looks like it’s walking.

Here it seems to be going into the yoga pose Ardha Chandrasana (half moon, one of my favorites),

and here it looks like an expression of sadness and defeat,

or maybe a parody thereof. A playful “Merry Christmas!” to you, dear reader, if the season speaks to you.

So it was a ridiculously short ride this morning; was ready to get very little (oh, but never nothing!) out if it. There was so much I’d missed recently! But of course the sun was coming up over the dry grasses that were touched with frost, and the air smelled good, would say “minty” if I had to name it. And there I was!

The already decorative Baptisia pods were spiky with ice.

And for just a little while got to savor the spread of cloud into the wide blue sky.

Then on with the day.


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