Sunday 16 November 2014. Nests Revealed

This morning at 7:20 it was 28 degrees F and cloudy after yoga practice, which was all good, especially the neck and shoulder work, but once again did not get to seated forward bends, alas. No wonder they’re not the strongest part of my practice.

Did not expect to get gorgeous photos on this trip; a lot of cold weather and withdrawal of color from the landscape has happened since my last posted velo. But have been so eager to get out and especially to see what’s happening at Meadowbrook Park. Just wanted a few documentary photos.

On the way stopped at “my” apple tree; many leaves had fallen and the remaining apples were getting dark.

Passed the stand of spruces under which hundreds of amazing mushrooms had recently appeared. Stopped to see whether any evidence at all of their presence remained; was surprised to find some.

But not much, considering what had been here.


Farther down Race Street passed fallen ginkgo leaves and fruit–a “fragrant” golden yellow mess below the bare branches. Was slightly tempted to stop for a pic but rode on. Really wanted to keep the hands warm by keeping the photography to a bare minimum.

Windsor Road at Vine was open!

Rode to the rabbit statue bridge and stopped for a photo. The convex curves of McCullough and Davis creeks were edged with ice.

Rode a little farther down and did not intend to expose my fingers to the cold again, but saw several small bird nests, exposed in the recently-bared tree branches.

They were not overwhelmingly attractive, like, say, flowers or a colorful sunrise or fall foliage, and could only guess what birds had made them.

But they were a nice surprise, something once hidden now visible.

Turned back without even completing the loop–that time thing again. Was grateful for the little window on mid-autumn Meadowbrook–early cold and all.

But man, it was COLD!! Hands weren’t frozen solid (Progress! Have been experimenting with two layers of mittens as well as a jacket with sleeves designed to cover the hands) but toes were past the cold side of comfortable. And missed those fleece pants! Observed the relationship between physical discomfort and mental/emotional disturbance (“suffering,” if you will). They are related but not strictly linearly; today the cold did not distract from the joy of being mobile in the Sunday morning calm. But resolved to figure out how to improve thermoregulation–want to minimize distraction and keep that health-giving circulation moving.


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