Sunday 9 November 2014. Japan House Garden, Early November

At 7 this morning it was 30 degrees F, the sky mostly cloudy. After yoga practice–focused on modifying the pose Virasana for people with compromised knees–headed out toward the Japan House garden.

It’s been hard to get miles on the bike (Rhododendron, remember? I say this to myself) lately. And then posting on the blog takes time. Both of which (riding and writing) I love in any quantity whatsoever available; glad for any amount of them. At least the distractions have included some wonderful activities. And here I am.

The wind blew from the south, and also the road was inclined upward–work! And, brrrr! Felt the chill! Welcome to the start of winter biking! Remember, it’s really, really good just to be rolling outside.

Went straight for Japan House and was not very tempted to stop for photos before I got there.

At the garden, stopped at the marker for the fifty cherry trees planted along the path to the house.

These trees have produced a canopy gorgeous blossoms in the spring, though not this past spring, alas.

And the fall foliage was not spectacular at this viewing, either.

But around the pond, the dry thistle remains, stems and seed heads, made an attractive pattern in front of the smooth surface of the water.

And there was subtle color and shape around the edges of the pond.

Looked close up among the fallen cherry leaves and saw some bright, flaming-red individuals.

Seek beauty and it will be there to find.


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