Sunday 2 November 2014. Falling Gingko Leaves and Labyrinth

At 7 am on this day, on which the hour we lost in the spring has returned, it was 25 degrees F under mostly clear skies.

A ginkgo tree with yellow leaves was raining at least some of them to the ground.
Once again made a shorter trip than I’d planned, but knew there would be plenty to see as I headed north toward Crystal Lake Park and the “big” hill along the north edge of Busey Woods.

At the Race Street crossing of the Boneyard Creek, stopped to document the glacial progress of the river walk construction. There must be a story behind it.
Rode along the south edge of Crystal Lake Park and on to the labyrinth, which I haven’t walked for a while. Parked Rhododendron
and got a fall portrait of it before stepping on to the brick trail that wound around inside its circle.
It was a reasonably calm walk, though did not escape the image of small intestines suggested by its looping. Walked for what felt like a longer than usual period. Must have accidentally crossed to an adjacent path because I never got to the middle; after a while the path led out. Alas, wanted to get back on the bike and did not correct my mistake.

Returned to an edge of the labyrinth to photograph the frost that lightly coated its surrounding garden.

Proceeded on Coler Street past the Champaign County Fair Grounds and then on to and down the hill with the cemetery on one side of the road and Busey Woods on the other. Always a little thrill!

Closer to home, another ginkgo tree, this one with mostly green leaves, was starting to let go of its foliage.



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