Friday 31 October 2014. Farewell, Mushrooms

At 2 pm yesterday it was 41 degrees F and windy!

Had just a few minutes to check and see whether any evidence remained of the great Amanita muscaria appearance I’ve been following since first spotting it at the end of September.

There was not much.
But even now among the very few survivors there were two or three very early-stage individuals.
Made me think of the strength of the “life-force,” asserting itself to the end.
It’s another demonstration (there are so many!) of life’s power but still its impermanence.
Even though every year in this part of the world the leaves turn colors–a last hurrah!—and then fall to the ground, leaving skeleton trees, (a pantomime of death!) the sudden appearance and relatively rapid and complete disappearance of mushrooms, these spectacular mushrooms in particular, reminds one that even for the vigorous and the beautiful, loss is inevitable.

And yet, there actually is a lot of life still happening, at the microscopic level, during the time between appearances of visible mushrooms. Here is an imaginative but quite factual animation of the mushroom’s life cycle. More than meets the eye!

So loss really is only a stage in the process of change. The challenge is to see, and keep going.


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