Saturday 25 October 2014. Fingerprint: Today’s Fall Color

At 7:45 (?!?) this morning it was 54 degrees F under clear skies.

Got rather a late start (as a newly certified Iyengar yoga teacher :), really have to get that practice in!), so no Meadowbrook, and not even mushrooms!

The imperative today was to get a sample of this year’s flow of the fall colors.

In this year of plentiful rain and mostly (with some exceptions) cool temperatures, the trees so far seem to be taking turns, each with its own color show, i.e. many are still green while others are yellow, red, orange, or a combination of colors.

So had a short ride south on Lincoln Avenue,

just as far as the edge of the U of I Arboretum and Japan House garden, through which the sun was coming up.

Paid special attention to the ginkgo trees, some of which were solid yellow,

others were mostly quite green.

Was happy and grateful to behold this moment of what felt like the peak of fall, this unique color combination that would be different tomorrow.


About Velo du Jour

I am a 61 year old mom/wife, former biologist, and presently certified Iyengar yoga teacher, and I love, besides biking (and other things), nature, swimming, drawing, photography, yarn, exploring adoption themes, and putting people at ease. In April 2012, I participated in "30 Days of Biking " on Twitter, sponsored by a group of "joyful cyclists" in Minneapolis during the month of April. I loved tweeting about each day's ride so much I didn't want to stop! "Velo du Jour" is a continuation of recording and sharing my rides post-30 Days of Biking.
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