Saturday 12 October 2014. Another Bottle Gentian Site!

This morning at 7 it was 43 degrees F under mostly cloudy skies. Am getting to like the later sunrise–leaves more time for yoga before the velo into the outside world.

Had the express and limited intention this morning of investigating a friend’s claim to have seen bottle gentians at the Japan House garden. (Was frankly a little doubtful, but curious.) Hadn’t planned to stop at “my” apple tree today, but saw that it showed its ripe fruit even more beautifully as the branches were beginning to shed their leaves.

Also, the fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) mushrooms were almost right on the way.

Really didn’t plan to stop here, either, but there I was. Urged myself to take only one picture; ended up with five (two shown here),

which actually was not bad as these things go.

Got a shot of fall color on the way to Japan House.

Noticed that the pond at the garden was surrounded with frost aster and other native-looking plants; this seemed to be the area my friend described. Sure enough there were bottle gentians!

They were past their peak bloom but still gorgeous, and there were a lot of plants, too.

Then, looking over the photos, noticed what could have been seed heads of cardinal flowers!

Remembered then that my friend had mentioned she saw them there in bloom! Felt a little sad that I’d missed it; did I not believe her?!? Sorry for not acting on your advice, Christina, you tried to alert me! Guess I have a slight prejudice for Meadowbrook; it’s big enough that I can pretend it’s a wild place and not “just” a garden. But having been so enchanted by the mushroom “kingdom” I realize that the line between garden and wild place, especially in the effect it has on one, can be blurred.


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