Saturday 4 October 2014. Slightly Beyond Mushrooms

It’s officially fall, or the cold-hands biking season: 39 degrees F this morning at 7. Brrr! Time for glove-mittens.

Still wanted to follow the progress of the fly agaric mushrooms the ( Amanita muscaria) But also wanted to get out to Meadowbrook Park to see if there were any bottle gentians anywhere else besides near the Marker statue.

“My” apple tree was lovely with big red apples clinging to the branches

and lying under it,

something like the mushrooms, under the spruce trees farther south on Race Street.

Which was my next destination.
And there they still were, still coming forth and developing,

the older, paler, more mature ones opening wider, like inverted umbrellas,

the more recent apparitions like functional umbrellas, still shades of yellow or red-orange,

the relatively new ones
or like spotted balls on short stalks.

and as white lumps looking only vaguely like the mushrooms they would become.

But then did tear myself away and head to Meadowbrook Park, in hopes of seeing bottle gentians in the middle of the prairie, near the soft path.

Ran into serious road construction (!?) at the corner of Race and Windsor

and had to turn back and then go east to Vine Street. Once at the Prairie Play entrance to Meadowbrook, proceeded clockwise on the big loop around the prairie. There was a lovely view of the sun on the first-coloring trees along McCullough Creek, and the sky, from across the the mowed lawn at the beginning of the path.

First stopped to see the gorgeous bottle gentians by the Marker statue,

then headed directly to the soft path and just walked Rhododendron rather than leaving it locked. At the head of the path saw a flower I’d seen at that place a couple of years ago but not last year. Still need to figure out what it is…

walked in to the place where I saw bottle gentians last year and the year before and found a cream gentian blossom still hanging on,

but no blue ones today, alas.

Walked to the other end of the path and crossed the little wooden bridge over McCullough Creek. The water was fairly high, and the little “spring” by the bridge was running.

Had to accept that there probably were not bottle gentians blooming in the middle of the prairie where I saw them last year, alas, alas. Was glad the Marker population was doing so well and glad for the other wonders of this morning.


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