Thursday 2 October 2014. They’re Back! Or, The Mighty, Magical Mushrooms Make More

It was 66 degrees F under mostly cloudy skies at 7:15 this morning, after a gentle but plentiful rain between about 4 and 6:30 AM.

This trip hardly counts as a bike ride, but it was a good time to go check on the Race Street spruce-forest mushrooms, which were abundant on Saturday through Monday but then decimated by 4PM yesterday.

This morning, as I’d suspected from all the little hints of mushrooms starting to pop up out of the ground yesterday, there were plenty of the fly agarics (or Aminita muscaria) this morning!

They were not quite so abundant as they were before their attempted removal by the U of I grounds people, but they were represented by a wide range of sizes and developmental stages, from emerging rough bumps

20141002-212456.jpg to small “buttons”

20141002-212638.jpg to good-sized young caps

as well as some that were quite mature and open.

20141002-213127.jpg There were pale ones

20141002-213235.jpg and, partly emerging from the ground cover, some that were a quite saturated red-orange.

And there were again groups of closely spaced mushrooms, like a mushroom village.

Must say, was glad to see them.


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