Sunday 28 September 2014. Mushrooms Part 2, and a Little More Fall Color

This morning at 7 (yoga first; think I’m starting to get the hang of practice before cycling) it was 54 degrees F. Not counting the few con trails, the sky was about perfectly clear.

First destination this morning was, of course, the mushroom explosion under the Race Street spruces I discovered yesterday. 20140928-084119.jpg
A lot of the caps had opened and faded in color, but there were plenty round ones
small, barely formed ones, and everything in between. 20140928-084544.jpg
They were abundant and still emerging!20140928-084638.jpg
Also stumbled on two other species: a low brown one 20140928-084747.jpg
And several with pointed cream and rough-textured light brown caps. 20140928-084911.jpg
Looks like these visitors from another world will be here for a few days more, at least. I hope whoever else might discover them is careful and respectful when they view the mushrooms; they are so easily damaged.

Wanted to ride out Washington Street (and did for a while, where I got a shot of a little fall color
and stopped very briefly–what restraint!–at Weaver Park for a snapshot of the late-September putative buffalo-wallow.

at least to Cottonwood, but Washington Street on the east side of High Cross Road was torn up, quite thoroughly. 20140929-155248.jpg
So, once again, with less time than I needed to get very far, decided to cut the trip short and just check out the old possum bones at the I-74 bridge 20140929-155530.jpg (a jawbone with canine tooth still was visible) and head back on the lovely bike lane on Main Street, where there was a tree dramatically starting to turn color.

Stopped at the Quaker meeting place because in front of it there still were these beautiful huge pink (not native, I don’t think) hibiscus blooming.

Stopped also to get a “portrait” of an ear of ripe corn before harvest: an icon of central Illinois in the fall.



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