Saturday 27 September 2014. Abundance: Mushrooms and Bottle Gentians

It was 57 degrees F this morning at 7:15, the sky with some wide but thin, scattered clouds.

Again got a little pre-dawn yoga practice in. Felt a little sad to still be inside while a bit of fiery sunrise was visible through a window, but the practice was good and soon was heading on Rhododendron to Meadowbrook park.

Made a stop to observe and enjoy the white irises– 20140927-083026.jpg
they’ve been out a long time for a fluke, if fluke they be.

Also got some apple photos at “my” tree. It’s borne a good crop this year, good-sized apples, too. 20140927-083318.jpg
I picked up a couple from the street from which to cut away the bad parts and have a few bites of heavenly fresh apple.

Passing the grove of spruce trees a little farther south on Race Street, did a quick check for mushrooms–it’s a place where I’ve seen them before. And there they were today, oh, yeah!
At first I thought there was garbage under the trees, but it was mushrooms, a whole lot of them, hundreds,20140927-084105.jpg
more mushrooms growing in one place than I’ve ever seen in my life! And they were not just plain grey or even white ones but the very graphically attractive kind! There were a few mature individuals with open caps and gills showing,

20140927-121044.jpg medium-sized ones with round, shiny orange-red caps with textured spots,
and lots of little blob-like suggestions of mushrooms just emerging through the ground.

It was a little other-worldly: like preparation for a massive fairy convention, or a mini-alien invasion. Who could have known they would all appear, like mushrooms do, seemingly out of nowhere, in no time? I felt priveliged to be present for this wonder. It served as a prefect transition from the inward experience of yoga to the outward one of observing nature.

Then headed on to Meadowbrook.

Stopped at the rabbit-statue bridge where I heard a rather large splash but couldn’t see what made it. 20140927-084420.jpg
Guess it could have been walnuts. Or perhaps a turtle.

Rode directly to the Marker statue and found, first the spider in its web in front of a bunch of bottle gentian blooms,
and then then lots more blooming gentians close by!
Looked like it would be a good bottle gentian year!

Since only last Sunday there has been a lot of fall color appearing around town! Saw, for example, fall-colored poison ivy on a fence along Windsor road, which (Windsor Road, that is) was in the process of being repaired.

This year it seems like many leaves are falling as soon as they change color, or even before. The leaves of most trees are still green, but some are almost all yellow.

Really hope to get out and witness as much as possible of this year’s fall display. Who knows what signs of abundance, at this time of harvest and gathering, might reveal themselves?


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