Saturday 20 September 2014. Late Flowers from a Short Ride

It was 57 degrees F under mostly clear skies this morning at 7:20 after finishing yoga practice (and preparing to teach my afternoon class). The plan for these shortening days is to practice till it gets light and then go out on the bike. But it can take almost as much discipline to finish practice as to start it! So some daylight got away from me and the trip had to be short.

Funny how diffrent it is to ride right after practice–the outside world seems a little far away. Must take a while to shift the focus from inside to outside. Looking back I wonder if that slight removal from the outside could have anything to do with Pratyahara.

Anyway, limited the trip to the lovely little prairie planting behind the Natural Resources Building on the U of I campus.

On the way stopped at the bell tower on the south campus that my family and I refer to as “Barad Dur” (from the Lord of the Rings. Where Sauron lived). Remembered there were “pseudo-gentians” there, actually the seed pods of peonies.

Wasn’t easy to get a photo with the tower and the plants.

The little prairie garden still had plenty of booms: New England asters,

partridge pea, wild quinine, little bit of prairie clover.

There was a kind of goldenrod I need to look up (and then did; pretty easily identifiable as Solidago speciosa, showy goldenrod) which was full of bumblebees that moved slowly with the morning chill.

Also there was plenty of heath aster (Aster ericoides),

a lovely plant I haven’t noticed at Meadowbrook but which was abundant at Loda Cemetery Prairie last week (not a bike trip, alas, and saw no prairie gentians there, either). Loved its miniature flowers and miniature leaves.

Really, need to get out in the daylight, the warmth, and the color while it’s still here. And then, not fret too much and enjoy every morsel of the outside I do get to witness.


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