Sunday 14 September 2014. Waning Summer

Did some yoga practice before this morning’s ride and didn’t get on the road till 7, when it still was only 44 degrees F. The sky was clear except for some eastern cloud remnants. The familiar route felt different right after practice–yoga and cycling certainly different kinds of activities.

Nevertheless did not miss stopping at “my” apple tree and getting a shot of a cluster of good-sized, quite red apples still up in the tree with the moon behind them,

as well as ripe and past-ripe appes in the street. They always remind me of the painter Cezanne. Though I don’t think Cezanne was fascinated by their decomposition.

At Meadowbrook saw the sun rise over the mist-softened landscape, like in a story book, or a dream.

The late-blooming rose mallow was in tight bud.

Found a little bunch of asters surrounded by goldenrod, an icon of late summer.

But it seemed it was harder to find this icon than in years past; the asters seem more scarce.

Near the Marker statue, the bottle gentians were really in bloom.

Didn’t attempt to determine how wide an area they covered, but was happy for now to see several plants. Noticed that this year they slightly overlapped the bloom of their cousins the cream gentians.

Nearby, among the yellow Bidens flowers, was a garden spider in its web with a wrapped prey.

The base of the statue seemed to convey a similar theme: death is always close to life.

Heading toward home (on the cool side of comfortable but not miserably cold) along the north edge of Meadowbrook Park noticed lots of sweetly twittering goldfinches. Stopped to observe them (no zoom, alas)

and saw that most of their sound seemed to be coming from several apparent fledglings, vibrating their wings and clamoring to their parents for money, I mean food. It was another sign of the passing summer. Reminded me that even birds can be reluctant to grow up and to be patient (even while sticking to those boundaries) with my own fledgeling(s).


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