Monday 1 September 2014. Orange Mushrooms and Late Flowers at the Turn of Summer

It was 72 degrees F and cloudy at 6:15 on this Labor Day morning. It was the last day the Crystal Lake outdoor pool would be open for the summer and couldn’t miss the chance for one more swim.

So took the long way to the pool, past the Crystal Lake Park Labyrinth, though didn’t stop to walk, alas.

Near the labyrinth was greeted a whole lot of cool orange mushrooms sprung up around the base of a large oak tree.

liked the way they started as simple buttons on a stalk and then spread out in ruffles.

Went on past the fair grounds and along the north side of Busey Woods and stopped at the Lincoln Bindery prairie garden. There was not a lot in full bloom, but there was some handsome bush clover: still a few tiny white blooms and a lot of reddish-brown “post-blooms,” not to mention the handsome blue-greenish foliage.

Also blooming was tall boneset, Eupitorium altissimum , welcome for its new, late-blooming flowers among the drying foliage and seeds of most of its fellow plants.


Then around the corner and down the hill (whee!) and to the pool.

After a lovely swim rode home through the winding path between the Saline Branch and Broadway Avenue (Street?), along which were some distinctive, obviously shade-tolerant goldenrods with thin flower spikes and rather wide leaves.

Figured from the habitat, long inflorescence, and wide leaves it must be elm-leafed goldenrod, Solidago ulmifolia.

And so marked the end of this summer. Goodby lovely season! How fortunate to catch this snowflake-moment morning of turning from summer and toward fall! Felt sad to leave it behind but not without eagerness for the next movement of the march of the seasons.


About Velo du Jour

I am a 61 year old mom/wife, former biologist, and presently certified Iyengar yoga teacher, and I love, besides biking (and other things), nature, swimming, drawing, photography, yarn, exploring adoption themes, and putting people at ease. In April 2012, I participated in "30 Days of Biking " on Twitter, sponsored by a group of "joyful cyclists" in Minneapolis during the month of April. I loved tweeting about each day's ride so much I didn't want to stop! "Velo du Jour" is a continuation of recording and sharing my rides post-30 Days of Biking.
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