Wednesday 6 August 2014. Compass Plant, Prairie Clover, Big Bluestem at the Top of the Hill

This morning at 5:35 it was 66 degrees F and cloudy. It wa good to be back home safely after our family trip to Texas, good to so easily hop on Rhododendron and head to the pool without making any kind of special plans. It’s good to take a break from one’s routine, and good to get back to it!

Really didn’t plan to document and post on this short ride, but brought the IPhone along just in case…

And of course there were sights to observe: took the photo bait.

Rode over the Boneyard Creek at Race Street and stopped to document the progress of the “river walk” project.

I’m not an engineer and don’t pretend to know what a “normal” pace for such a project might be, but this one seems to be going really slowly.

Rode by the Crystal Lake Park Labyrinth and stopped for a rather distant photo but did not walk it, alas.

On Coler, just past the fairgrounds saw a doe and small fawn cross the road. Have seen several fawns this summer; wonder whether it’s usual for this time of year or whether the abundant moisture and green vegetation made a summer cohort possible.

Stopped at the Lincoln Bindery prairie planting, across from Busey Woods, to get a shot of blooming compass plants. Even in the protected little garden they were scarce.

Glad there were any; love the skyward-winding stack of their large, yellow faces.

Second-tallest of the plants here was the big bluestem grass, which was starting to bloom.

Saw some other distinctive-looking grass; thought of the name, “switch grass, but wasn’t sure that was it.

Noticed a lot of seed heads of prairie clover, and even some remaining purple flowers.

20140806-090715.jpg Looks like they’ve had a good year.

Enjoyed, as always, speeding down the hill just past the little prairie-let! Again, glanced at the grave markers in the cemetery to my left and wondered about whether being brave means facing fear or maybe ignoring it.

Had a lovely swim at Crystal Lake Pool and headed home through the winding, wooded path between Broadway Avenue and the Saline Branch.

20140806-091943.jpg There is something so much more pleasant and soothing about riding curves rather than straight lines. Kind of wish it was much longer, though it’s nice to be able to enjoy such a lovely stretch even when time is short.

Was surprised not to see the Crystal Lake geese near the southeast corner of the park, but then there they were across the street, grazing in front of Jimmy John’s.

20140807-100247.jpg Seems like a good year for them, too, as far as I can tell.

Have wondered whether I might run out of things to talk about in this blog, but I think the larger limiting factor is time. Sometimes I wish I could ride and post every day; it really is never the same twice! Often I dream of longer rides–still watch for the possibilities! Meanwhile, as I try to remember in other areas of life, whatever I meet with awareness, however briefly, is a treasure.


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