Saturday 26 July 2014. The Silence of the Corn

It was 68 degrees F and cloudy this morning at 5:40. There were some gaps in the clouds, but overall it was darker than it wold have been at this time if the sky were clear.

Stopped at “my” apple tree to get a shot of the mostly green but almost full-sized apples that have started to fall. Noticed they were not especially abundant, but the did seem to occur in clumps. 20140726-072025.jpg
Rode straight out Race Street–wanted this morning to ride more and stop less. Did not forbid myself to take photos but did have the aim of letting the images be. (Also didn’t want to have more to write about and get further behind on posting! Ha ha!)

Actually succeeded in going right past Meadowbrook Park without stopping. Wow. Just knew I would never get out of there if I did stop.

Would have seen the sun come up if the sky had been clear. It was ok either way. A lot of my concentration this morning was on pedaling smoothly to keep my knees happy, and that was pretty successful.

Did stop to get a few shots of the amazing corn, the first of which was a field of tiny plants, incredible for late July. Would they actually make it to harvest?
Noticed then the vast quiet and solitude of a country road in central Illinois. The majority of the time it just feels open and free, but today it included “notes” of loneliness and exile, if distantly. Maybe it was the sprinkle of rain (which quickly passed) that made me aware of a need for companionship and shelter.

Along with the little corn was, of course, the majority of on-schedule July corn, with its dark green leaves, tassels without visible flowers, and huge ears.
Is seemed like the silk on most of the ears was dark, even though the tassels didn’t seem to quite be in flower. Or did I miss that stage? Would they be pollinated? Seems likely; I’ve heard there should be a record harvest this year.

Rode until Race Street ran into county road 900 N (aka rte 18). The corn stretched out silently under the slightly punctuated cloudy sky.

It was a good, keep-moving (mostly) kind of ride. Would like to have more and some longer of those, especially before the summer runs out!


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