Wednesday 23 July 2014. Budding Liatris, Blooming Tick Trefoil, Little Baptisia Pods: Work in Progress

This morning at 5:45 it was 73 degrees F with heavy clouds and a gusty, variable breeze.

Rode on Rhododendron to Meadowbrook Park for the latest installment of the prairie summer.

McCullough Creek was high.
Was especially tuned in this morning to the sense of change and transition on the prairie.

Saw wild petunia; I think not native, but pretty. 20140724-131831.jpg
The tick trefoil had recently been blooming in lots of places; many where
I hadn’t seen them last year.
Found the Liatris patch between the two little trees in the wet area. It would be blooming soon.

The delicate flame-like Culver root flower spikes were getting dark in the middle: seeds in progress.

Noticed a sinuous flower stalk of Baptisia with little incipient pods in the middle, flowers at the far end, and larger pods closer to the ground.
Took a photo just to document the most abundant flowers on the prairie at this stage of the process of the growing season (today): yellow coneflower, purple coneflower, Monarda.
Was amazed at how drawn out the lead plant bloom is this year.
I guess it looks more lush and showy for more of the little flowers to bloom at once, but it’s nice to see buds (more to come!) even when some spikes are pretty much finished.

Was happy to see the Freyfogel Overlook free of fencing and open for observation. Liked the sentiment of the sign.
It’s what life, as demonstrated by the flow and ebb of the prairie bloom, is about.


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