Saturday 19 July 2014. Back to High Cross Road, at Last!

At 5:45 this morning, it was 55 degrees F and mostly clear.

Was excited to at last be heading east and north to High Cross Road, especially to check on what was blooming on the edge of Brownfield Woods.

Was greeted as I crossed the intersection of Main and Vine by a full, red sun disc, just free of the horizon. Was happy to see it.

Once again enjoyed the bike lane on Main.

At Weaver Park noticed a low layer of fog creeping out toward Main Street from the park. Was tempted to check out foggy Weaver

but knew I’d never make it to Brownfield if I did.

Avoided the construction at University and High Cross by cutting through the Beringer subdivision. Much better than going through that intersection! Think it will be my new default for this route.

Stopped at the possum bones site (by the northeast corner of the I-74 bridge), but it was completely grown over with sweet clover, etc., and not one bone nor part thereof was visible. So that’s how a living, moving creature goes back to the earth.

Saw fog out in the country as I rode out High Cross, lovely layers lying over the dew-covered and terribly vigorous soybeans, though somehow the iPhone camera eliminated some of the mist.


High Cross Road, recently refinished, was smooth and ever so pleasant on which to ride, especially in contrast to all the still-hazardous winter-potholed streets in town.

At Brownfield Woods looked for Joe Pye weed, which I’d noticed in someone’s yard earlier along Main Street. It was there blooming vigorously,

along with jewelweed

and the lovely blue American bellflower, with its vigorous, fresh early blooms.

Past Brownfield a little ways saw spikes of little pale pinkish flowers I didn’t recognize

Looked them up later to discover they were American Germander
(Teucrium canadense)
. Thought the juxtaposition of these three geographic references rather curious. Was not able (from the first page of results) to tell the significance of “Germander” apart from the name of a plant. Did kind of like the mystery of it.

Turned back at Olympian Drive.

Really enjoyed that smooth road, flanked by its woods an giant corn and beans.

Thought of the word “freedom” as the road slid by and I felt patient and comfortable, if not exactly euphoric. Thoughtc of how glad I was to be riding there and then in such comfort and beauty, because the opportunity is never guaranteed.


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