Friday 18 July 2014. First Liatris, at Sunrise

This morning it was 63 degrees F at 5:10, the sky partly cloudy.

It was good to get a reasonably early
start, but then it was still too dark to get a shot of McCullough Creek at the rabbit-statue bridge.

Heard the squawk of a great blue heron, then saw two of them flying overhead east to west, just past the half moon. Made me think of the line from “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music, “wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings.” I think herons are even better.

Took the big loop at a pretty good clip and stopped at the Windsor-Vine bridge where the beavers used to swim. The water was a whole lot clearer than it was when the beavers were there, but didn’t see any fish, as I did when the water was more turbid, which seemed counterintuitive. Must say I didn’t spend a lot of time looking, which actually is often necessary to spot fish from a bridge.

Stopped to get a shot of the flowers that were blooming together inside the “small loop” along Windsor Road: most noticeably Heliopsis, yellow and purple coneflowers, Monarda, with the dawn sky behind them.

Turned left onto the path that cut between Meadowbrook and Clark-Lindsey village and got a shot of the “To” statue. Must take note of its official title next time.

Nearby were a few Liatris, the first I’ve seen in bloom this year at Meadowbrook, at the very beginning of its bloom. One common name for this plant is “blazing star;” and the individual open flowers do evoke that image. At this stage the inflorescence looks to me like a burning (blazing) stick, a torch over the summer prairie.

At the edge of the Clark-Lindsey Village lawn was a small group of deer, at least one buck, looking something like lawn ornaments that hadn’t yet been set in their places.

Almost to the beginning of the Peg Richardson Hickman wildflower walk was a clump of milkweeds still mostly in bloom. The sun was coming up behind them.

The sky on this lovely morning was just a little dramatic and seemed like an invitation to go out boldly and embrace the day.



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