Thursday 17 July 2014. Yellow and Shades of Purple at the Prairie Garden

It was another really short but oh so beautiful (clear, 54 degrees F) morning, so just zipped over to the prairie planting (garden, really) to see how much of what was in bloom.

As always, was richly rewarded:

Monarda and rosinweed.

A bunch of Monarda, close shot.

20140717-081415.jpg Ironweed, Monarda, yellow coneflower

Blue vervain

Lead plant. Didn’t see any open flowers, and the plant was pretty small. Maybe it takes a few years for the plant to grow to any size and have a lot of blooms. Or maybe the conditions here aren’t optimal for it.

Mountain mint

Asters (they weren’t quite this blue) and foliage of stiff goldenrod. I think this must be an early-blooming species of aster–there are lots of asters and I can’t really tell them apart. Yet.

Rattlesnake master, iron weed, and yellow coneflowers.

Mighty spade-shaped leaves of prairie dock, and a small lobed leaf of compass plant, which is not so abundantly blooming (saw none at all at this site) this year.

Prairie dock with flower stalk. Made me think of the word “overachiever” the way is rises above the other already quite respectably tall other plants.

Once again, I’m grateful for the effort that goes into bringing the beauty of the prairie so close to its admirers in town.


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