Friday 11 July 2014. Rosinweed Flowers on a Perfect Morning.

It was 59 degrees F at 5:18 am, the sky strewn with mostly large pink clouds.


Rode to Meadowbrook Park on Vine Street; about half way there smelled skunk rather strongly, but the smell dissipated before I reached the park.

Did not stop to photograph the rabbit-statue bridge over McCullough Creek, but did notice the creek carried plenty of water.

Down the path a way, saw a doe leap sea-saw across the path behind me as I doubled back to look at red blackberries with rosinweed and Monarda around them. It was followed by a little, spotted, sea-sawing fawn.

Succeeded in not taking tons of photos! But did document the first rosinweed flowers of the summer,

20140713-093519.jpg among the Heliopsis, yellow coneflowers, and Monarda.
Also documented the Freyfogel Overlook under renovation.

On the way back was struck by the incredible apparent vigor of the corn, so dark and thick and straight in the field on Race near Windsor.

This morning was just wonderfully gorgeous, even for a summer morning, which, in general, tend to be gorgeous.

And then there were these delightfully textured cotton-batting clouds, which I photographed a little later, between stops in town, but just wanted to include because they were so cool.



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