Friday 4 July 2014. Expecting Summer: Some New Yellow Coneflowers and Green Baptisia Pods, and Prairie Clover

On this clear Fouth of July morning, it was 57 beautiful degrees F at 5:13, when I rolled Rhododendron out of the garage. Did not realize how chilly it would be with capris and sandals, even with the cool feather-weight cycling jacket. Brrrr! But tried not to let the discomfort distract from the loveliness of the morning as I headed to Meadowbrook Park, eager to see lots of examples of the flowers I’d seen in the little space on Florida Avenue a few days ago.

Meadowbrook, and nowhere else nearby, that I could tell, had a distinct “throw-blanket” of fog (or mist, when it’s so localized) lying over the middle of the park. It was inviting. E.g., deer always look more picturesque in mist.


The mist condensing on the plants made lovely water-jewels.

Saw the leaves of soon but not yet blooming rosinweed as well as blooming Heliopsis with the mist and the sun rising behind it all. It reminded me of a Rousseau painting of a jungle.

Somehow, though, expected to see more color; instead, what struck me first was the appearance of green pods on the Baptisia.

Was occupied by wondering whether there “should” be compass plant flower stalks appearing; seemed in previous years they’d started to appear by this time, and so did not bother to look for the little patch of purple prairie clover. Did stop at the Freyfogel Overlook to photograph the lead plant, which looked happy, except that the tiny gorgeous flowers on each flower spike seemed not to be blooming together but in relatively narrow bands up the spike.

Got a shot of a small bunch of newly blooming yellow coneflowers with a bit of mist still behind them,

20140704-082335.jpgbut I was, frankly, expecting “more” after several days away from Meadowbrook: more color, more bloom. Was fighting a little feeling of let-down, or wondering what to do with it, when I noticed a good-sized patch of prairie clover in a spot where I hadn’t noticed it before.

Its intense color and the striking geometric pattern formed by the flower buds, which were covered with tiny water beads, as well as the surprise of its location, dispelled the little disappointment. Was content here and ready for whatever the next stage might be.


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