Saturday 21 June 2014. A Trip to the Edge of Sidney

Saw pink in the eastern sky at 5 this morning of the longest day of the year, but didn’t get out the door till almost quarter after, oh well. The phone weather ap said it was 64 degrees F, but it felt warmer, perfectly comfortable, in fact.

The moon, in its last quarter, I guess you would say, was about 10 o’clock to the east and one o’clock to the south. By the time Rhododendron was rolling on Race Street, the sun was rising behind clouds, the disc obscured until it was well over the horizon.

Headed south toward Sidney (my second attempt at one of my summer goals) and resolved to go past Meadowbrook Park but not stop there. And almost made it, but from Race Street, a little before it crossed McCullough Creek, noticed a very localized mist (thought “magical mist”) just inside the park. So how could I not cut across the grass at the southwest corner of the park to check it out?

The mist was confined to a corner of the park, but its condensation left lots of wonderfully large dewdrops on the abundantly open spiderwort.

Saw an antlerless deer rather close-up that didn’t seem concerned by my approach.

20140621-083442.jpg Just a sketch. Notice the zoom.

Then tried hard just to pedal toward Sidney, though the spiderwort with Baptisia did stop me on the way out.

Also stopped at the turn onto Yankee Ridge Road because I liked the little bit of curving and topography in the fields.

Turned east at 1000 E, which became the “Sidney Slab” east of Ill 130. There were a fair number of cars going west, which made me uncomfortable. Only a couple passed me going east. Made myself ride toward the middle of the lane so cars would have to go around me rather than try to squeeze by. Don’t think I would want to bike this road any later in the day.

Stopped to look over the bridge where the Sidney slab crossed a branch of the Salt Fork

and saw a group of about five dark ducks. Was able to zoom in enough with the dedicated camera to see a white eye ring and identify at least one as a female wood duck.

My slightly cranky right knee-hip felt a lot better with just that short stop.

Reached the first (black letters on white background, a little plain, I thought) sign saying “Sidney,” got a photo,

and turned back. Fortunately the westbound traffic was less busy on the way home.

Out in the countryside noticed how dark green the tall prepubescent corn was, with broad, arching leaves.

It’s been a good growing season so far.
Saw the marks of what must have been an interesting, energetic maneuver on the intersection of Philo and Curtis roads.

After the trip felt a very satisfying fatigue, the satisfying part of which (especially reaching a summer goal) stayed with me for the rest of the day.


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