Wednesday 18 June 2014. Bee on Spiderwort and a Little More

It was 73 degrees F and humid and clear enough to see the about half-moon overhead but with clouds at the horizon.

Time was limited once again, but that meant another little glimpse of the floral progression at Meadowbrook Park.

Made a really quick “big loop” without stopping much.

The prairie inside the “short loop,” which was beautifully displayed from the path along Windsor Road, still had plenty of spiderwort and also more and more Baptisia and purple coneflower blooms.

Noticed honeybees on the spiderwort, which seemed unusual somehow. Did get one reasonable shot.

Nearby, there was a cluster of several “daddy long-legs” on some grass flower-heads.

Was not familiar with this grass and not sure it’s native. Seems to me the prairie grasses bloom later.

Suspect that the increased arthropod activity at this time of day had to do with the higher than usual temperature.

Also saw a wide-open pasture rose and got a shot.

Of course there was more but let this be the extent of today’s offering. Really want to work on keeping the posts brief!


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