Friday 20 June 2014. Presenting: the 2014 Bloom of the Lead Plant

Already it’s the almost-longest day of the year! It was 72 degrees F and humid. Unfortunately, the sun-disc would not make an appearance; a light rain fell. The phone weather-ap said it was storming and that rain would be 90% likely to fall for the next several hours. But the robins and cardinals were madly tweeting, as if to challenge the forecast, so put on my super-light cycling jacket (and added some air to Rhododendron’s back tire–ahh!) and headed to Meadowbrook Park expecting not to be bothered, like the birds, by the rain.

On the way to Meadowbrook with the usual worries and concerns, my thoughts gathered around the concept of compassion–how soothing it is for self and others, but then does it sometimes become enabling, and how does one know when that starts to happen…?

Sped over the rabbit-statue bridge but then slowly rode through the green prairie without fixing my attention on any particular feature. Noticed the absence of particular excitement. But it was ok.

There was a group of spiderwort that grabbed my attention, with a fingered compass plant leaf in front of it.

Checked the lead plant in front of the Freyfogel Overlook, and the first little blooms at the base of the flower spikes wet just starting to open!

Took a few different shots; it has such an attractive flower, and the leaves are lovely, too.


Also noticed wavy, brown old stalks of bush clover standing among the spiderwort and new bush clover leaves.

To complete the foil for the lead plant bloom was today’s assortment of older spiderwort and newer purple coneflower and Baptisia.



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