Sunday 15 June 2014. Transition: More Green Again

This morning at 5:20 it was 55 degrees F, the sky partly cloudy and a southerly breeze blowing.

The waning moon was still high but well in the southwest.

Felt comfortable enough, though kept thinking about what I might be missing that I’d experienced at this time of year previously. E.g., expected to smell a lot of glorious linden, but though I saw plenty of open flowers, the scent was faint.

When I was able to accept what was there, what I did perceive, regardless of its pleasantness or lack thereof, felt more peaceful and grateful. But there was a lot of wandering away from that acceptance, maybe more of just touching it occasionally, briefly.

It was another (never too many!) trip to Meadowbrook Park, and this time planned to linger a little (possibly meet up with a friend) and walk the “soft” path.

Stopped at the rabbit-statue bridge to get a shot of Davis Creek flowing into a pretty much still McCullough Creek.

Walked into the wet place near the blue flag iris patch just to see whether they were completely done blooming and was pleasantly surprised to see a fresh bloom among the spent ones.


Farther along, noticed lots of green shoots of Baptisia buds.

After crossing Davis Creek at the little arched bridge, walked Rhododendron down the soft path, all the way from near the Marker statue to near the sensory garden. Right after the soft path forked and I took the left side, saw and heard moving vegetation to the right, and noted that squirrels tend not to venture into the open prairie. Wondered, was it a coyote? Just then, immediately to my left, a male pheasant exploded upward and flew off. It was quite startling! Concluded the previous movement also was pheasant.

Got a shot of milkweed in green bud.


Made another counterclockwise large loop and stopped at the Freyfogel Overlook to check the lead plant, also still in bud, though its buds were pink.

Also caught a couple of tree swallows flying over the green prairie with some nice clouds behind them, up high.

Then noticed pasture rose among the spiderwort and other plants, down low.

Went out Windsor, on that lovely sidewalk along the fence, toward, yes, Café Zojo, and got a shot of the impressive poison ivy climbing and arching over the fence.

Was hard not to anticipate the next burst of color, but tried to stay with and appreciate the vitality of this transitional green stage.


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