Tuesday 10 June 2014. Another Hop to the Prairie Planting in the Rain

It was 64 degrees F this morning at 5:20 as Rhododendron and I headed off in the steady rain for a short trip to the Florida Avenue prairie planting. Might have gone farther but my raincoat turned out to be not very waterproof, so preferred no to stay out too long. I think in “inclement” weather, as, e.g., with snow, it can be enough of a thrill to be out in it at all.

Stopped on the way to get a quick shot of the gorgeous cabbage roses near “my” apple tree. Did not want the phone to get wet so was hasty, and the photo was not terribly sharp, alas.

Saw a clear demonstration of the rain for a photo: water running like a little river along the curb on Florida.
Like the last time I visited this place, the rain let up when I got there. Coinsidence? I think so. Or maybe the sunrise can affect weather systems somehow.

The composition of blooming flowers was not much different from last time, though today there were even more false sunflowers an also more purple coneflowers.

There were dense patches of spiderwort (check out those buds!) with wild quinine nearby.

Got a shot of thimbleweed with other white flowers: Penstemon and wild quinine.
Was grateful to be able to enjoy the weather and the native flowers in season in such a short time.


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