Sunday 8 June 2014. Due West to I-57

Let’s see how brief I can be….

Set out at 5:30 AM, under cloudy skies and a temperature of 63 degrees F. The wind was a bit gusty and mostly from the north/west.

Rode west on Green Street, through a very quiet U of I campus and campus town, where the only vehicles before Neil Street were a line of blaring fire trucks, which turned south on First Street.

Then rode Green Street all the way west, which was to Mattis, and included the hill at Westlawn.

Jogged south to John Street, and crossed Phinney Branch half way and noticed a largish bird standing next to the creek, which turned out to be a black-crowned night heron.

Pretty cool.

Right before John Street would have run into I-57 was Johnston Park, which had a playground and ball fields and a nice path going around the circumference and to the playground. Saw this part of a deceased crayfish on the path.

Crossed Phinney Branch at William Street on the way back and noticed a large exercise ball and a basketball caught on a pipe going low over the creek.

The basketball was a Wilson, and made me think of the movie Castaway, as if the exercise ball and basketball were keeping each other company. Ok, that’s a bit of a stretch.

Wound behind the hotels on Neil Street and came out on Fox Drive, then jogged across Neil Street to St. Mary’s Road. Looped into St. Mary’s Cemetery, which was fairly crowded with old and newer graves, in the same area, and recognized quite a few family names. Had a hard time imagining all the human skeletons under the ground all around me, even when a dear friend nearly joined their ranks a short while ago. Had a hard time conceiving of the idea that it is only a matter of time that I and everyone I love will, with no doubt whatever, join their ranks. It was just a lovely, peaceful morning in this little tucked-away place next to an Osage orange hedge.

Enjoyed the horses and barns that were left (those athletic facilities continue to encroach) on St. Mary’s Road, and of course going down the hill. The sun now was mostly shining.

It was a lovely ride of a little over 14 miles.


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