Friday 6 June 2014. Blue, White, Pink, and Yellow Flowers on the Prairie

Got a good start this morning–was out just before 5, when the street lights were still on. It was 59 degrees F and mostly clear.

Took the little camera, not the phone, from which to make sketches.

Went around the loop twice, with a little spur out Windsor to see the interrupted red sun-disc rise above Meijer between loops. For the first (counterclockwise, which I tend to prefer) loop the light was pale; the second time (clockwise) it was golden. Actually liked the counterclockwise better this morning.

Spiderwort and Penstemon dominated the prairie landscape, the Penstemon proving perhaps more abundant than I’d thought earlier.

Saw several deer, including one almost all the way into the vegetation before the camera caught it.

Saw Coreopsis,

pasture roses,

lead plant in bud.

The common milkweeds also were budding. Don’t think I’ve caught them at this stage before!

Heard mourning doves, which I was just thinking were not so common as I remember.

Don’t think I’ve seen the light hit the spiderworts so beautifully before–won’t even try to sketch that.

Again was amazed at how going twice around the same loop can feel like two entirely different trips, the second one even better than the first.


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