Thursday 5 June 2014. Spiderworts and All

This morning at about 5:15 it was 59 degrees F, the sky clear but for a diffuse mist (fog?).

Linden (no, not native) scent-so lovely, so June! Or it could also have been that invasive but heavenly-smelling honeysuckle–their bloom overlaps.

Many yellow and several pink cabbage roses were blooming near “my” apple tree.

Today wanted to maximize the short time I had seeing the inside of Meadowbrook Park, so put Rhododendron in high gear and rode fast!

Davis Creek ran into McCullough creek but didnt babble.

Found a couple more separate iris plants before locating the patch.

20140606-081426.jpg The patch was blooming and still bore many buds, but they didn’t quite make a unified composition.

There were plenty of spiderworts, though many, still wearing jewels of rain or dew-drops, were not yet open. Seemed like fewer Penstemon this year. Overall the prairie looked soft and green. Nothing very novel. But sweet and comforting nonetheless.

Saw a male pheasant take off and cruise at low altitude across the path, with its plump, sizable fuselage and its long, tapered tail trailing, the end undulating, then disappear down into the spiderwort, et al.

After few steps along the path, another one, very much like the first, did the same thing. Not native but still impressive.

On the way back looked for the possum remains in the Race Street bike lane but could find no trace of them. Either someone cleaned up the spot or maybe the recent rains washed them away. Sometimes the process is fast.


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