Sunday 1 June 2014. Man-Made Landscape and North Lincoln

I think it was 64 degrees F under a mostly sunny sky, heading out on Rhododendron at a little after 5 am to check out north Lincoln Avenue.

On the way stopped at the construction site on the Boneyard Creek at Race Street.

All last summer, Race street in this area was closed; this year it’s open, but the creek bottom still is quite torn up. It must be a big job, all right, and there are big machines around, but it seems like there aren’t usually many people working around there as you might expect, given what it looks like. Not that I know anything about urban planning or the execution of such plans.
It was strangely peaceful, though, the quiet amid the disrupted landscape.

Rode by Crystal Lake Park and Busey Woods and stopped at the Lincoln Bindery prairie garden, which had a nice assortment of flowers in bloom, or almost in bloom, like these bush clover

and Baptisia.

Then headed on to North Lincoln, a major artery of Urbana during the day, but empty and peaceful early on a Sunday morning.

Even so, the presence of large recycling (which includes junk and miscellaneous categories of–often large–discarded things) gives this stretch just a little air of mystery and apprehension.

Stopped to photo the site of the burned-down office of Mack’s Twin City Recycling.

Next door was the new office–they were still in business.

Continued out on the bends of the road, past a place that smelled like burned electrical insulation or something and past Oaks Road until Lincoln Avenue bent to the east and then I turned back.

It was a lovely ride of about 14 miles.


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