Friday 30 May 2014. A Little Crawdad in a Puddle in the Path

It was 66 degrees F at 5:11 am–a pretty good start, at last! In the the sky were widespread but thin clouds.

Many of the neighborhood peonies were bending low–still in bloom but past their peak.

It was another Meadowbrook Park ride with camera and no phone; was eager to follow the next small development of the bloom cycle, and whatever else might appear there.

Crossed the rabbit-statue bridge at a good clip (whee!) but then turned back to stop and see Davis Creek still actively emptying into McCullough Creek.

Right around the southwest corner of the path were Penstemon; they were so uplifting to see, like little towers with little speakers radiating around them, announcing the rebirth of the prairie. 20140604-234203.jpg

The first blue flag irises in the patch away from the path were really starting to bloom but the lone iris right by the path seemed to have vanished.


Saw something swim (?!?) in a puddle on the path. It was a tiny crawdad (or crayfish, which is not a fish)! 20140604-234036.jpg
It got so still after it stopped that I wasn’t sure I actually saw it move. But got really close and it did scoot away.

Two walkers coming the other direction said they saw a huge turtle a little ways up the path! I looked but did not see it. 😦

Saw a strange orange light between the trees that formed the SW edge of Meadowbrook, and it took a moment to realize it was the rising sun!


The sun-disk was orange and mild to look at for quite a way (as these things go) above the horizon.

Saw a nice arrangement of spiderwort among blackberries.

The blackberry blossoms seem more attractive this year than I remember them from the past. Maybe it just took this long to appreciate them.

On the way home noticed a flowering shrub (the identity of which I need to look up) in the process of raining down its old blossoms. Marveled how they were still in such good shape, detached from the plant, lying on the ground, ready for decay. Tried to see it as an example of the sweetness but brevity of this life as we know it.



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